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Enormous Benefits of Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is one of the most potent fruit juices out there and by any definition a super food. Often mistaken for a vegetable, tomatoes are in fact a fruit as evidenced by the fact that they grow on trees and contain seeds (tiny though they are). They are also absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals and as they're cheap and easy to access they can be added easily to anyone's diet. Here we will look at some of the most impressive benefits that come from the humble tomato.

Benefits of Tomato Juice



Lycopene is a highly powerful antioxidant and this makes tomatoes one of the most potent sources of antioxidant. What does that mean? Well essentially antioxidants are substances that can destroy free radicals that are released into the body through breathing and which can damage the cells of the body. If you have an abundance of free radicals in your system, then these will move through your body and bombard the cells walls causing damage to the outside. If this occurs a lot around the skin then this can cause enough damage to the cell walls that it becomes visible on a macroscopic level – as wrinkles. This means that tomatoes and antioxidants in general can be used to prevent the visible signs of aging.

More concerning though, if this bombardment of free radicals persists it can actually break through the cell walls and thereby reach the nucleus of the cell where the DNA is stored. This is the genetic code that dictates how our body creates and reproduces cells. In other words it's almost like a blueprint of the cell and of the whole body and how the cells fit together. And because cells divide in half via mitosis in order to reproduce, these errors will get copied onto the new cells. This is how the mutations that are responsible for many forms of cancer occur, and it explains how they spread throughout the body.

Thanks to the antioxidant lycopene, the tomato can help to prevent many of these free radicals from ever reaching the cells and thereby reduce your chances of wrinkles and cancer. While there are other sources of antioxidants – such as vitamin C or omega 3 fatty acid – lycopene is a particularly potent form and the tomato has more lycopene than any other natural source. In fact it's the high lycopene content that makes tomatoes red – so you know they must be loaded with it.


Tomatoes are also high in potassium and this can help to prevent weakness and malaise which comes from potassium deficiency. This can also help to prevent cramping.

Vitamin C

Tomatoes are high in vitamin C. Because vitamin C is another form of antioxidant this makes them even more powerful for fighting cancer and aging. On top of this though, it also means that tomatoes can strengthen the immune system generally and prevent colds and other illnesses from getting through your defenses.


If your tomato juice is thick and natural then it will come with a high fiber content. Fiber doesn't get broken down by the digestive system and instead passes through your system as it is. This then gives it lots of health benefits as it can sweep through veins and arteries clearing cholesterol and thereby lowering blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular problems. Additionally fiber can aid in digestion, and passes through the digestive and intestinal tracts. This also gives it laxative properties which make it great for detoxing the system.

Other Nutrients

While most people focus on the antioxidant effects of tomato juice, there's a lot more to like here. Tomato juice is also a good source of thiamin, vitamin K, niacin, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. It is also a great source of vitamin A, C, B complex, folate and potassium.

Hangover Cure

Tomato juice really is your friend and if the health benefits aren't enough of a reason to keep a supply around the home, then perhaps you'll be won over by the fact that it can cure a hangover (or at least lessen the pain). This is because it can help to replace some of the nutrients lost from the night before. Drink it the night before and mix it with cucumber juice, spinach juice and a table spoon of olive oil.


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